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Birth Control

When the time comes to choose a birth control method or try a different method, there are many options. Some have been around for centuries and others have recently been developed. Considerations: effectiveness, cost, convenience, side effects, acceptability, return to fertility and partner input. All hormonal types are typically greater than 99% effective when used properly.

Out of pocket costs on all types of birth control will vary depending on your insurance. Our staff is committed to helping our patients determine their costs prior to any procedure or prescription. We respect that knowing this is an important part of your decision making and will gladly assist you by contacting your insurance to get cost estimates for you.

Contraceptive options include:

IUD (Intrauterine Device)
  • Hormonal and non-hormonal optons - Mirena, Kyleena, Liletta, & Paragard
  • Lasts for 6-10 years depending on the IUD
  • Device is inserted into the uterus during a procedure in the office
  • Potential side effects include irregular vaginal bleeding initially followed by absence of menses in most women, pelvic pain and cramping may occur in some women
  • Widely accepted and utilized world wide
  • Fertility usually returns within a month after removal
  • No long term effects
The Pill
  • Hormonal method
  • Pills are taken daily
  • Side effects may include headaches, breakthrough bleeding, nausea, acne and weight gain
  • Widely accepted and is the #1 choice at this time
  • Fertility usually returns 1-3 cycles after stopping the pills
  • Partners typically accept the pill usage without reservation
Vaginal ring
  • NuvaRing & Anovera
  • Hormonal method
  • Cost is comparable to birth control pills
  • The ring is inserted once a month and left in place for three weeks, removed one week and then replaced
  • Fertility returns within 1-3 cycles after discontinuing
Depo Provera
  • Hormonal method
  • Injection is given in the office every 12 weeks
  • Side effects include irregular vaginal bleeding, weight gain, acne and worsening depression
  • Widely accepted and used extensively around the world
  • Fertility may be delayed for as much as a year after stopping injections
  • Hormonal
  • Implanted into underside of upper arm during a procedure in the office
  • May be left in for 3 years
  • Side effects include bruising and pain at site of insertion, irregular vaginal bleeding, weight gain and acne
  • Accepted but relatively new to the market
  • Rapid return to fertility
  • Non-hormonal, 94% effective with correct usage
  • Available through a pharmacy
  • Must be fitted for correct size of diaphragm
  • Must be inserted vaginally using a spermicide before intercourse
  • Widely accepted and used
  • Fertility is not affected
Condom (male)
  • Non-hormonal, 98% effective
  • Available over the counter without a prescription
  • Must be worn before and throughout intercourse
  • Side effect can be vaginal irritation from spermicidal lubricant
  • Affords some protection from sexually transmitted diseases
  • Widely used although partner may be less accepting
  • Fertility is not affected
Condom (female)
  • Non-hormonal, 95% effective
  • Available over the counter without a prescription
  • Must be in place throughout intercourse to be effective
  • Affords some protection from sexually transmitted diseases
  • Fertility is not affected
Tubal ligation
  • Non-hormonal, greater than 99% effective
  • Outpatient surgical procedure
  • Side effects are uncommon. Certain risks are possible due to surgery, reaction to anesthesia and possible bleeding
  • Widely accepted
  • Should be considered irreversible


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